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At most, they managed to say that someone is following them, but not exactly who or where they are, or if they described a specific location, they were already gone within moments (if the location they gave was accurate in the first place). Not only that, the details of her death, especially how she was found dead in a water tank on the roof of a hotel, mirrored the plot of a Japanese horror movie called Dark Water from 2002, remade in 2005 (Elisa died in 2013). . All Missing 411 North American disappearances are on the map. Thats roughly a bit odd to the fourth power. This is the perplexing mystery of the many hundreds of thousands of Missing 411 cases. At one spot he was only about 100 yards away from Dametz and went to check on him just 10 minutes after he last saw the Dr., but this time the man was nowhere at all to be seen. The science is almost there. In one example both the FBI and National Guard engaged in a search for a missing child in 2013. In a normal sample of deaths, youd expect roughly 500 unexplained deaths in 500,000. Forests being bigger and unmarked could certainly be an issue, just like the number and type of local predators or overall crime rates in the area, and maybe thats something that should be statistically analyzed using data that I dont have at the moment (comparing forests where people go missing versus those where they dont go missing based on these criteria). Unexplained Disappearances. In the world of mysterious vanishings of people who have disappeared without a trace there is perhaps no more widely known set of tomes than The Missing 411 series of books, by retired law enforcement officer and dogged researcher of missing persons David Paulides. It would suddenly charge toward the witness before itself vanishing into thin air when it was but several feet away. Its too bad that the history of these names isnt particularly well documented in the Americas, but using common sense, one would use such names for places where bad things happen, where people die or go missing, where they feel bad, or at least for remote, haunting areas. In any case, since many of the missing in cities were students, maybe they were targeted at school. Especially if the body wasnt even found by dedicated searchers, but by random hikers or passersby after the search was over. In his series of Missing 411 books, David Paulides documents unsolved missing persons cases in and around national parks in North America, primarily the United States.. Paulides, a former police officer, first stumbled upon the cases through a National Park Ranger.The frustrated Ranger mentioned dozens of missing persons cases, over many years and in many National Parks, where the search and . . The area was surrounded by forest, but Keith was allowed to play out in the yard, and on this day that is where he was, his grandfather constantly checking up on him. There are 60 Clusters of missing people identified and each name is readable. As for how useful chasing coincidences is as an intentional profile point, Dave allegedly was told that he should expect unbelievable coincidences on his quest to figure out this mystery. In either of these scenarios, the result will look the same. Granted, Elisa Lam is a rare name, so its a case of a rare name of a test that is the same as a human name, which was the same as a rare name of a person who died unusually, while the test was being used at the time and place where they died. | Privacy Policy | Contact Us | DMCA Notice, This website uses cookies to improve your experience. When nightfall came, little Keith Parkins had still not been found, and it was considered puzzling that he could have gotten so far so quickly without a trace. But I think theres more to it than that. Which is an issue that we have already encountered with self-driving cars. Warren Flippo read more One of the most startling of these is the mystery of 411 disappearance hotspots. Especially if it was research, like going places where Bigfoot might live, interviewing witnesses, collecting samples and sending them for laboratory analysis, and so on. Paulides also explores instances of other governmental agencies arriving at these sites and conducting their own confidential investigations. This implies that the way in which these people disappear involves their rapid incapacitation, or at least severe confusion. So, I would expect more people to get lost while wearing colorful clothing rather than natural shades or camo. Here we see within these few square miles a startling concentration of lost people. disappearances, such as that of Keith Reinhard, who went missing in Such statements and assertions are hard to prove, given that they are often based on the instincts and feelings of those involved. The reason why amnesia always seems contrived in TV shows and movies when used more than minimally is that it is rare in real life. An earlier case of this is that of 2-year-old Keith Parkins, also of Missing 411 fame, who in 1952 was visiting Ritter, Oregon to stay at his grandfathers rural, remote ranch. If you have any theories or suggestions yourselves, Im all ears. McSherry called out to Dametz and received no reply, and it was all very odd as his knees were so bad it would have been impossible for him to get very far so fast on his own. How do you infuse high amounts of drugs into a body quickly and stealthily (or extract all of the blood, for that matter)? All Missing 411 North American disappearances are on the map. The disappearance occurred in a national park, rural area, or large reserve of public land. With all that said, it would be interesting to take all of the people with the German origin within the Missing 411 sample and check whether their ancestors come from all over Germany, or if they all come from a specific region or regions inside of Germany (or Austria or Switzerland). The next morning, I noticed that, between two huge trees about 30 yards up the hill from our tent, was four or five HUGE dead trees stacked on top of each other, like someone had made a wall of dead trees and was using the two live trees to keep them from falling or rolling down the hill. On the other hand, cities dont appear to be safe either, so Look, squirrel! The only theory other than aliens was KGB, or some sort of organized crime hit, but then it isnt clear why the agents or criminals would fail to properly dress the guy. From that point of view, this profile point should always be analyzed together with other variables. The dog returning back safely also makes sense in the context of human or other intelligent predation, since when someone is interested in a particular person as a target, they dont have any obvious reason to also hurt their dog (other than to make it run into the forest as a distraction). This would require for the dumping of the body to be virtually instantaneous (think teleportation), perfect optical stealth, Men in Black-like memory or perception control, etc. Required fields are marked *. Like his idea of a probability-based engine many macroscopic physical laws are only aggregates of chaotic movements and interactions going on at the subatomic level. A search was mounted, but it seemed as if hed dropped off the face of the earth. There are 60 Clusters of missing people identified and each name is readable. The hard evidence found here indicates that many of these people must have died on land days after they disappeared, but days before they entered water, or that they must have died in a tumbling stream, when they were found in a pond with no flowing water, etc. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Of course, one would only be ruling out the search areas from people that went missing from 2010 onwards https://youtu.be/Nh8Xe1mB6jw?t=557. Furthermore, if I understand the abstract of the U.S. study correctly, 5% of autopsy reports in the U.S. list the cause of death as undetermined, even though the real number of undeterminable deaths is much lower than that. Many serious paranormal investigators note the importance of the strange coincidence angle. Speaking of animals, theres of course the dog whistle or similar techniques that could certainly be used to make a dog run into a forest to make its master follow him, and a variety of more sophisticated technologies currently under development, mainly to be used as forms of crowd control. This man has never been identified, but analysis of the body was never able to determine the cause of death. Perhaps a case that features several aspects of many of the cases we have examined above took place in Canada in the Manitoba province on the 5th September 1935 with the disappearance of 5-year-old Jack Pike. Beyond the basic scientific considerations, its important to understand that we may be doing research here against an intelligent adversary, which complicates things. Again without anyone seeing the body get in. Medical emergency would then prevent you from wandering away very far, unless it was a psychotic break, but regardless, many of the missing were in excellent physical and mental health. 2014 Ford Fusion Acceleration Problems, This is one of the profile points that may have a completely mundane explanation, which could be proven. This cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. At this point, I believe it is more about what direction I think should be taken in further analyzing the data. Here are the most significant repeating profile points with my critical commentary as to their potential strengths and shortcomings: According to Paulides, every person should be found, especially if they are a small child or if theyre mentally or physically disabled and therefore presumably unable to travel long distances. However, in January 1957 a report reached police of a strange object under a pile of snow in a field near the Hooper Sheep Ranch which employed Davis. Newest comments appear first, oldest at the bottom. John Sweet returned home from a busy day selling, buying and transporting groceries, he returned home, changed his clothes, leaving a small pile of cash on the table in the process, and then ventured out onto the farmland to carry out repairs to his tractor, as well to fix part of the fence around the pigpen. Like the Missing 411 cases. After arriving at the Sunrise High Sierra Camp, Stacey cleaned up and decided to take a walk. Anthony E. Davis read more Thats definitely the weirdest scenario. Similar to the Jeff Estes case, even after meticulous search efforts, not a shred of evidence surfaced. Especially in the one case when the phone was later found shattered into a million pieces. Im personally not an expert on animal behavior, but as I was told by a biochemist, nothing in biology is 100%. Authorities justified the delay in the discovery of his remains as an optical anomaly. Yes, you are supposed to be thinking of Dirk Gently. Huey E. Hazelrig read more, Cherokee County };
Dave have made some comments over the years that indicate that he initially didnt believe that paradoxical undressing is an actual thing that happens, but after he got predictably criticized for it, he appears to understand it better now. Its basically just as magic as teleportation. Which leaves being jumped by someone or something as the most likely explanation. The most common report from adults, adult women specifically, is that of being stalked by weird or strange men. Yeah, thats a weird one, which probably makes it a good profile point. https://imgur.com/a/1st0yWp, Scan this QR code to download the app now. So, if theres any genetic program that deals with people who have German origins, it would have to be relatively recent and more likely to be motivated by something like Nazi mysticism, rather than any real scientific reasons. Although Paulides work has been scrutinized and some critics say that the number of unsolved cases is not statistically significant, Paulides has contributed immeasurably to the categorization of the issue and the growth of it in the public consciousness. Bigfoot and other cryptids from Appalachian mythology have come into the equation a number of times. You may have noticed that in all that speculation, I may have cracked the case at most in the sense of creating some structural microtears in it. Disappearing while forgetting your phone behind is definitely much less bizarre than disappearing while having your phone with you, and especially while using it to call for help, or while something is happening to you as you are on the phone. Or, again, by someone who had no idea how to properly fasten the clothes. This suggests a geographic correlation. Also, besides those few bone fragments no other physical trace of Bizup has been found, leading one to wonder where the rest of his body went. Juginda D. Dobbins read more What I can speculate on is why any type of perpetrator would have an operational range centered around large bodies of water or rock formations, or national forests and parks for that matter. How could this be? And yes, Dave made the clusters map and the table of how far away small children were found. Usually, the tragic stories are about mushroom poisoning. By . It was a complete mystery as to what had happened to his clothes, why the jacket had been removed, or even how he had managed to survive at all, and even odder still was that considering his young age and the intimidating terrain it was estimated that it would have taken him nearly 20 hours to cover that distance. I could also go on and on, but I think this is more than enough for now. Beyond a mere lack of explanation, Paulides has put together a profile which includes a specific list of factors, most of which tend to be present in all of these cases. People make errors. The closest lead anyone has gotten is that he seems to sort of, kind of remember being in a truck at some point passing through Utah, but what connection this has to anything or if it is even a real memory or not is unknown. Get the Android Weather app from Google Play, WHNT News 19 Sales Team Broadcast and Digital, Best athletic wear for kids joining baseball and, How to watch all the Oscar-nominated movies in style, Best smart home devices for older users, according, Huntsville Utilities injured during work Saturday, Limestone Sheriff looking for man in theft investigation, One transported to hospital after wreck near Rocket, Colbert DTF finds large amount of fentanyl, other, 1 killed amid turbulence event on business jet. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Missing 411-The Devil's in the Detail by David Paulides (2014, Trade Paperback) at the best online prices at eBay! One tracker would even state that this mystery person, whoever it was, ran away upon seeing them. If it keeps happening again and again, what youve got is a systemic anomaly, an anomaly on which you will keep getting more data, an anomaly that you can try to predict. Stacey was a fourteen-year-old girl on a horse riding trip with her father and several other friends in Yosemite National Park. If there already was a history of people getting lost or being found dead hundreds of years ago, maybe there always were hunting grounds of local predators, maybe there always was a settlement of local wild men, or maybe something about the natural environment itself was always potentially deadly to visitors. According to the counselor who was with Bizup at the time, the boy was right on his heels, yet he glanced over his shoulder to find the boy gone, even thought he had been following close behind him just moments before. On the other hand, there are some data points that indicate that theres something unusual going on during the disappearances with the dogs. What I will try to do is use my social science education and research methodology expertise to try to bring some clarity into how all of the variables in these cases seem to be connected. Lets approach this like a normal social scientist would approach reviewing a students thesis. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. While sudden arrhythmia can account for some of the Missing 411 cases, there are just too many. But I myself am very interested in what could be called the science of coincidence, so lets talk about what coincidences may mean for a bit. Kimberly M. Whitton read more There is a chance that the person will not want to admit a bout of irrational behavior, but they should not have amnesia, unless a blow to the head, extreme psychological trauma, or very specific chemicals were involved. mr hodges wants to build a fence, henry single shot 308 canada, city of san antonio ems records,