Extra police, deputies and school counseling team at Waller Junior High tomorrow, remainder of last week of fall of semester

Editor’s note: This is a message shared from the Waller ISD superintendent, concerning the rumored threat that happened on Dec. 10, 2021.

Our original post about the incident is available here (click to read).

Waller Junior High Family,

We want to provide an update on the incident that occurred during Friday night’s Waller Junior High (WJH) Winter Formal (Dec. 10). First, I want to acknowledge the heartbreak and anguish many of you experienced. Please know that our hearts are with each of you and we are doing everything possible to bring justice to what occurred.

Our administrators and law enforcement have worked diligently through the weekend investigating information provided by individuals. At this time, we have found no evidence of a threat to our WJH family, however, we will have additional Harris County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) School Resource Officers at school tomorrow and the remainder of the week as needed. We have also reached out to the Waller Police Department (WPD) to request extra patrol in the area, which they have agreed to and we are thankful for. In addition, we recognize the fear many of our students and staff experienced. Our counseling teams will also be on campus to assist the WJH family. Please reach out to one of the counselors, or an administrator or teacher if you have a need.

Waller ISD takes any threat to our students and staff very seriously. As this investigation is ongoing we are pleading for anyone with information on the person or persons who made the threat to provide it to an administrator, law enforcement, or via our Anonymous Alerts system. If found, appropriate disciplinary action will be taken and criminal charges will be pursued.

Again, although there is no active threat, we are taking extra caution to protect our WJH family. Please know tomorrow and the remainder of the week as needed you will see more HCSO officers on duty, WPD patrol vehicles, and our counseling teams will be in place to assist anyone with a need. We are asking that anyone with information that may be helpful to our investigation to provide it however you feel most comfortable using the options noted above. The health and safety of our students and staff is our highest priority. I want to thank all of those working tirelessly on this investigation and keeping our WJH family safe every day. You are truly appreciated.

Kevin Moran

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