New Party Chair appointed in Waller County

WALLER COUNTY — The Libertarian Party of Texas recently appointed a new chairman for Waller County.

The third largest political party in the nation named Jacob Bradley as the chair of the Waller County party.

“The Libertarian Party continues to fight for freedom and liberty for the citizens of Texas, and I will continue that fight here in Waller County,” Bradley said. “The Libertarian Party believes that each and every individual should be free from an overreaching government that intrudes into citizens’ lives on a daily basis, whether it is overbearing taxes, over-regulation, or incarcerating people for nonviolent, victimless crimes.”

He explained that the Libertarian Party has a strong belief in private property rights and the ability to defend your property. Additionally, he stated Libertarians have a strong anti-war stance and believe in a less centralized, more local government that works for its citizens, not against them.

“I would like to invite everyone who is a Libertarian, is Libertarian leaning, is tired of the two party system, or just wants to find out more, to follow us on Facebook and Twitter at  @LpTexasWC or you can email me directly at,” Bradley said. “I look forward to meeting everyone and working to make Waller County a more free county for everyone.”

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