Waller ISD Board Calls November 2022 Bond Election to Address Rapid Growth

Waller ISD Board Calls November 2022 Bond Election to Address Rapid Growth

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The Waller ISD (WISD) Board of Trustees has called a $368 million bond election that will be on the November 8 ballot. All of those funds will address the rapid enrollment growth WISD is experiencing, as well as additional building safety and security measures.

WISD’s Long-Range Planning Committee (LRPC), composed of more than 40 community members, met with district officials and content area experts earlier this year to study demographic, financial, current facility, and construction information. After months of meetings and discussion, the LRPC made a recommendation to the Waller ISD Board of Trustees in April.

“Our 2019 bond package took care of secondary growth. We’re celebrating the opening of the new, state-of-the-art Waller High School this fall, Schultz Junior High has moved to the old high school where renovations are ongoing, and construction on the new addition to Waller Junior High is underway,” WISD Superintendent Kevin Moran said. “Now, it’s time to take care of our elementary school overcrowding. Both Roberts Road Elementary and Turlington Elementary are experiencing explosive growth with over 1,000 students enrolled in each.”

Growth at both of these schools is evident in the addition of a total of 10 portable buildings (20 classrooms) for the 2022-2023 school year.

In August, the LRPC reconvened to review the impact of inflation on construction costs as well as information provided by a safety and security audit that was conducted over the summer. Ultimately, the Board honored the LRPC’s work and ordered the election based on their recommendation. The WISD bond proposal will be seen on the ballot in two propositions as listed below. The district’s financial advisor projected no tax rate increase as a result of this bond election. In fact, the Waller ISD Board of Trustees has decreased the tax rate annually since 2019. The construction of new homes and businesses, and increasing commercial and residential property values, will offset the cost of this bond program.

“Our goal in building this bond was to serve the needs of all our students and families throughout the district,” LRPC member Denny Patterson said. “We have to take care of those who are here now and those who are coming to us.”

The district’s most recent demographic study by Population and Survey Analysts (PASA) estimated student enrollment will grow by more than 3,500 students by 2025. Recent enrollment in WISD has grown by more than 500 students over the last three months; enough to fill an entire elementary school. Most of this growth is seen on the east side of the district along Highway 290 and FM 2920. The district currently owns property for schools in the Dellrose and Bridgeland communities. Work will begin this fall to determine where the new elementary schools would be built if this bond program is approved by voters.

“This bond is all about growth and doing what is best for our students and taxpayers,” LRPC member Brittany Neel said. “I am proud to be a part of a community that consistently comes together to plan for the future of our students.”

“Moving forward, it is our goal to inform all our community about what is being proposed, why, and answer any questions that may come up,” Superintendent Moran said. “Our team is excited to share the details with anyone who will listen. This is a big decision for our community as we prepare for the future.”

All information about the LRPC’s work can be found at smarcus or call 936.931.0309. Look for more information about the 2022 Waller ISD Bond in the coming months at wallerisd.net and on social media @WallerISD.

Proposition A – $363,471,018

  • Three new elementary (elementary #6, #7, #8) school builds to relieve overcrowding and accommodate for growth

  • Safety and security upgrades at all instructional facilities

  • An agricultural science facility to expand the program by serving students who are unable to raise an animal at home and have facilities to practice for and host competitions

  • A new transportation and maintenance facility to replace aging facilities, provide for existing needs, and accommodate growth

  • District-wide priority one projects including items for all campuses such as interior updates to Fields Store Elementary, parking and parent queuing improvements to Roberts Road and Turlington Elementary schools, electrical and lighting upgrades, chalkboard replacements with marker boards, and more

  • Renovations to the existing Holleman Elementary to become a Student Support Service Center which would create space for departments such as curriculum, special education, child nutrition, the district’s alternative education program, and tax office

  • Renovations to the existing Waller Junior High (WJH) East Campus (that will be disconnected from WJH when the new WJH is complete) to become an Education Support Service Center which would create space for the growth of departments such as human resources, business services, community relations, and more

  • Land, buses, and technology infrastructure

Proposition B – $4,654,082

  • Waller ISD Stadium improvements including safety and security upgrades and replacing aging audio/visual, roofing, and turf

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