Waller ISD Tax Rate Lowered and 2022-2023 Budget Approved

Waller ISD Tax Rate Lowered, 2022-2023 Budget Approved

Waller ISD Communications

Waller ISD’s Board of Trustees has approved the district total tax rate for tax year 2022. The combined rate of $1.2946 is a decrease from the 2021 total tax rate of $1.3209. WISD’s Board has approved an overall tax rate decrease annually since 2019.

“Our Board is dedicated to fiscal responsibility and taking care of our taxpayers,” WISD Board President David Kaminski said. “We want to do everything in our power to help our community by keeping our tax rate low, while also maximizing state funding to be able to take the burden off of local taxpayers. It’s important to strike the right balance to provide the staff, facilities, and resources our students need to succeed.”

As recently announced, the Board has also called for a $368 million bond election, which will be on the Nov. 8, 2022 ballot. If approved, the total WISD tax rate is not expected to increase.

In planning the 2022-2023 budget, the district’s goals were to create and offer a competitive compensation and benefits package for employees, maintain existing facilities while keeping up with growth, and increase the general operating fund balance for fiscal responsibility.

“I feel we have achieved all of these goals and I am proud of the work our employees have put in the last few years to get here,” Chief Financial Officer Audrey Ambridge said. “We have faced challenges we never expected with a global pandemic, but we have put plans in place that have allowed us to keep up financially.”

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